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System 528 ordered June 14, shipped June 21 with mechanical seal, new shaft, balanced, fresh bearings & seals, TEFC Premium Efficiency Motor, etc.

PrimEquip has been designing & building premium pump systems from "under-utilized equipment" since 1995.  Pulp & paper applications are our expertise as we are familiar with all the processes there.  So most of our systems sold are in that industry.  For a list of successful installed pump systems, see the systems list under the "results" tab. We do a lot with stock flow, chemicals, or water using Goulds (ITT), A-C PWO (ITT), Peerless, Durco, Worthington, Nash, Somarakis, Sultzer Bingham, Ahlstrom, Summit ANSI, etc. Usually stainless steel casings for most applications; for fan pumps, sometimes epoxy coated volutes are offered.  Most systems are on the premium base, built rugged to maintain shaft alignments with SS equipment pads, machined flat with TEFC motor, ready to run.  Big or small; we do them all!

For pump system inquiries, call or email us today.

The key to a good pump system is the base. Sure alignments over the long haul protects both the pump & motor bearings. PrimEquip's base is the strongest, and best finished money can buy next to solid stainless steel.

  • Heavy floor base for pump
  • Heavy wide-flange beams below
  • 1/2" plate riser for the motor
  • Heavy floor plate for motor
  • Stainless steel plates for pump & motor
  • Fly cut SS plates parallel
  • Planer align mounting holes for pump & motor
  • Designed for spacer coupling & pump service
  • Sandblast and epoxy coat for long life

Here is a typical base complete with a rebuilt pump for System 517:


Quincy Air Compressor

Denver Gardner Air Compressor

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