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PRIME grade, under-utilized EQUIPMENT

Many facilities have equipment that is in very good condition but no longer needed.  Sometimes projects are cancelled.  In any case, the equipment offered on our projects are typically the "high end" equipment: unused surplus, lightly used, or reconditioned.  Always specified to do the job right the first time.  

Readily Available Motors List

PrimEquip has available many surplus motors that are ready to install or recondition.

Complete Motor Database

An enormous variety of surplus unused or proven motors to exactly fit your project needs.  Perhaps matching another motor already in the plant makes to most sense.  Induction motors, DC motors, synchronous motors, vertical motors, and wound rotor motors.  Your needs are our specifications. Click above to see our online catalog.  If it's not there, fire off an email with your needs!  It is a pleasure to serve you!

Pump Systems

Primarily stainless steel centrifugal stock pump and vacuum pump systems for paper machines, pulp mills, and other process applications.  Large and small.  Split case or end suction.  Goulds 3175, 3196, 3450, 3405, 3415 are specialties. ITT A-C PWO pumps available. Updated Nash CL series vacuum pumps experience. Same size and footprint, better performance, new parts. Bare pump or complete pump system including heavy-duty base, new or rebuilt pump, trimmed and balanced to your process, reconditioned motor, coupling, belt drive, or gearbox if needed.  Built tougher than factory systems.  Stainless steel pads for equipment.  Epoxy coating for protection and long life.  All systems include full system documentation including a parts list and warranty.

Stock Refining Systems

Pulp refiners 1800 rpm and 1200 rpm.  Stock prep refiners 450 to 720 rpm.  Atmospheric or pressurized.  Low or medium consistency. Integral or separate motors. Sprout-Waldron and Sprout-Bauer 42-1B and 45-1B a specialty. Bauer 440's experience.  Andritz Sprout Bauer 42" stock refiners a specialty. Can be supplied rebuilt and guaranteed.

Pulping Systems

Pulping including cooking, washing, bleaching, knot removal, yield increases, hot stock refining, liquor evaporation, etc.  We make your pulp mill more energy and fiber efficient.  Increase uniformity and yield.  Help make new grades. Reduce chlorine use.  Make effluent cleaner.  Reduce energy use.

Incremental Energy

Click here to learn more about solving your power generation needs.




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