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PrimEquip Group is known for results.  Large need or small, your projects are important to us.  Hard-to-find equipment, excellent condition, at an affordable price.

Our team has some of the most experienced engineers in the country so our years of experience add knowledge to your project. 

With key partnerships with companies around the country, PrimEquip can offer many different solutions just to fit your facility.  One customer said after an incredibly fast delivery of a critical motor: "You are getting famous here in this part of the country."   Another purchasing agent said "You always deliver exactly what you say and we have had no problems."  "we chose PrimEquip because of their reputation."

As a principal of the company, I commit to helping the industry solve project needs with equipment that is perfect for the job.  Our people will work with you as a team on your it right, be smart!  At the end of the day everyone wins! 

Larry Johnson

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