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Larry N. Johnson, President

Associated with the Pulp & Paper Industry since 1963; expertise includes project initiation, justification, and organization for results.  Experience with electric motors, pump systems, vacuum systems, power generation, instrumentation, automation, process control (AccuRay), management systems, and distributed control systems (DCS).  Processes include recovery boilers, kilns & recaust, power boilers, combustion turbine generators, reciprocating engine-generators, steam turbines, Kamyr digesters, batch digesters, oxygen delignification, washers, bleaching, stock prep, fine paper machines, tissue machines, linerboard machines, & newsprint machines.

Has associated with Crown Zellerbach (6 years), Asea Brown Bovari (ABB) (17 years), Valmet (2 years), Measurex (4 years), & PrimEquip Group, Inc. (15 years)

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  • Paul Baker - Speed Reducer (Falk) Specialist
  • Bruce Blazzard - Paper Machine Specialist
  • Bill Grover - Surplus Paper Equipment
  • Bill Kravas - Pulp & Paper Equipment
  • William A. Kraske - Process Technology
  • Joseph A. Kurdin - Refiner Application Specialist
  • N. David Murray - Financing Specialist
  • Michael D. Meredith, P.E. - Process Concepts
  • Jay Romanoff - Motor Specialist
  • Greg Rueck - Pump Specialist
  • Don Shefcheck - Transportation Specialist
  • John Swope, P.E. - Energy & Coated Paper Specialist
  • John Somarakis - Vacuum Pump Specialist
  • Norval E. Wunderlich - Stock Prep Specialist


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