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Every project, especially regarding incremental energy, should have a thorough review of major needs and provide alternatives that match the needs. 

For example, say there is a need for 38 mW of power to run your paper mill without dependence on the utility grid and say one needs 140,000 lb/hr steam for the digesters and paper machines; PrimEquip Group will offer a concept of how to accomplish these objectives in 15 weeks, up and running.  And meet emissions requirements!  Plus alternatives as the needs become more focused.  The result is a win-win for all parties involved.  All good ideas help a projects succeed.

Not being restricted to a certain type of equipment allows a clean slate when designing a project scope to meet the needs of the facility.  So the customer gets a no-compromise solution that is installed on time, with high reliability, economical generation of power, maintainable, and flexible to meet future requirements.




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