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There is a lot of good equipment available.  To be sure it is ready to operate without question, each motor, pump, generator, engine, refiner, etc. is typically sent to an expert shop for inspection and restoration to new performance.  The result is trouble-free startups and high-reliability operation for years.  All reconditioned motors and pump systems include a 6 month warranty on all work done.

Key Benefits

  • Improved performance
  • Tested equipment
  • No surprises
  • Warranty

Sample Projects

Camas Mill

Provided a remanufactured DC motor to drive the line shaft on No. 12 Machine.  Good delivery, impeccable equipment, no-hitch startup, reliable operation, all at an affordable cost! 

Missoula Mill

Provided complete pump systems for the OCC plant upgrade that were on time, under budget, had zero failures, equipped with heavy-duty bases, and matched mill's other pumps for parts interchangeability.

Ukiah Mill

Provided a stock refining system including a Bauer Refiner, a GE synchronous motor, the coupling, a guard, a motor base adapter so the mill spare motor would fit, and the sync motor starter.  Complete scope, no price changes, operated as proposed.  Successful project.



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